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Equipment Repairs

Turbines: We can stitch in turbines housing. If weld buildup is needed we also repair this cast iron or steel.

Pumps: Stitching or welding can repair cracks in housing. If buildup is necessary, we can help.

Impellers: Stainless steel, steel, bronze, or fabricated or cast iron; we do many types of repairs or build-up if needed.

Compressors: Cracks from freeze damage, over-heating or just worn parts can be welded, hand drussed, or stitched. Powerheads and pistons can also be repaired.

Bull Gears: Many bull gears can be repaired without removal. Cracks in ribs, hubs, and gear teeth can be repaired.

Cylinder Heads: Cracks from freeze damage in thread areas and between parts are no problem to repair.

Engine Blocks: Cracks in blocks from freeze damage and con rod failure can be stitched. Some repairs can be welded if needed.

Antique Parts: As most of these parts are not replaceable, we take extra care in the restoration of these parts.

Electric Motor Housings and Mounting Pad: Electric motor feet can be stitched. You do not have to disassemble or worry about windings.

Valves and Valve Bodies: Imperfections in seats or Bonnets can be repaired, not scrapped.

Boat Motors: We can repair most freeze damage on inboards. No need to remove the motor. Very cost efficient repair.

Machine Castings or Bases: We can stitch up cracks in your machine base or frames. From shrink cracks to large parts dropped, we can assist in these repairs.

Diaphragms: Turbine diaphragms can be welded, strengthened, hand-dressed and formed to their original contour.

Gear Boxes: Cracks can be stitched, welded, and build-up if needed. They can be line bored, and plated back to original size.